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Specialist Insurance for Restaurants

Fine Dining Insurance,. a division of Greenfield Insurance Services (Independent Insurance Brokers) have created in association with Sterling Insurance, a Fine Dining specific policy.

In addition to the core policy covers with which you will be familiar our Fine Dining policy provides unique features which we passionately believe will provide added protection and security for your business.

It is our view at Greenfield Insurance Services that a business that sets such high standards as any Fine Dining establishment does, should have the best restaurant insurance protection available to ensure that the very hard work that goes into creating and maintaining such high standards is not wasted in the event of an unforeseen event.

We have therefore developed, in partnership with Sterling Insurance, a specific 'Fine Dining Policy' which provides the level of cover which we consider essential for your business. This product is only available to dining establishments that have achieved a Fine Dining Standard.

Our special features of our Fine Dining Policy include:

  • Loss of Star Rating.
  • Automatic Liability cover for outside catering functions.
  • Theft cover NOT restricted to forcible & violent entry.
  • Key Employee cover (Accidental Death - £50,000 limit).
  • Cancellation & Abandonment of privately booked functions.
  • Loss of attraction-reduced revenue following damage to property in the vicinity of the premises.
  • Business interruption - loss of revenue with a 24 Month indemnity limit.
  • Personal Accident Cover for principals and key employees.
  • Public Liability Limit of indemnity £5,000,000.
  • Fine Arts Cover.
  • Crisis Containment £10,000.

Please visit our restaurant insurance policy page for more details of our Fine Dining policy. If you would like to discuss your restaurants insurance requirements or would like a free no obligation quote please contact us on 01489 579808 or complete our online enquiry form.